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Originally Posted by kevro View Post
I have seen very few two tone paint jobs on bmw that I really liked, the hood and grill area just doesnt work well with two colors. Plus, and this is not meant to be an insult, it is a 323, you will get many faster cars wanting a race because you gave it such an over the top look. If you make it look like it is a 12 sec f&f car then expect some jabs when it isnt even a 14 second car. My gf has a 323, and I love it, its not fast, but its a ton of fun to drive anyway. Keep it simple, if you like tiffany blue, great. have the bmw logos switched to tiff blue, use very small ways to indicate your joy of the color, but dont go too extravagant. Most importantly like someone else already said, it is already a tad dated, in two years you will be ready to throw up everytime you look at it.

op, I hope you dont take offense, but this is the best advice I can give.

if that is your car pictured above with the tiff blue stripe photochopped in, dont mess with it, its a good looking ride, a ride that will get respect from anyone 16 to 80.
thanks. really helpful advice
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