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Originally Posted by Bimmaniac32 View Post
looks good, but the whole 5 playlists thing is a deal breaker for me... Need access to all my music on the fly.
It is nice to have all the functionality of the DICE, but sound quality was my main concern. I had a DICE for about 2 years, and the sound (dit-dit-dit and the constant engine noise) drove me nuts. I was able to reduce the noise by quite a bit, but no matter what it was always there. Then the battery resets were also a pain to have to do periodically. It is a shame they didn't spend too much time engineering the hardware to eliminate those problems, it would have been a great device. But, ultimately it is a sound device, so if it can't do that right, then it isn't doing its job.

I had to finally sell the DICE and get the USA-SPEC and am happy I did, the sound quality is excellent. For me, I normally listen to all my music in random mode, so losing all the other navigation options really didn't bother me.
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