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Originally Posted by mp333 View Post
I am doing a sedan front speakers. Were you able to use all the three post around the front speaker for door card tabs. This is the one that secures to the metal door when its snapped in. It seems like you have to cut one on the inside?

Nice post.
I had to cut one of the posts when doing my front speaker install. I don't feel like it's prevent the door panel from holding firmly to the metal, but maybe my clips are just in good shape. It seems like a few people have been able to install the speakers without cutting anything.

I used 6.5" speakers, so if you're really worried, you may want to stick with 5.25" speakers.

Originally Posted by B-Man View Post
I can't believe I missed this thread the first time! Great write up Orion! Makes me want to get a SSD and get those boot times down too.
Thanks B-Man, I don't have my boot times down that low currently, something related to the initialization of the terabyte data drive. When I was running on the SSD without the big drive in, it was ridiculously fast.

Apparently some people can't see the pics? I'm not sure what's Photobucket's deal, but maybe try a different browser first?
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