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Originally Posted by e30m3izzle View Post
I need to know what is the heaviest oil I can run in my bmw. My car is using a ton of oil. I am replacing the ccv valve and hopefully that fixes the problem. If it does not I need to know a back up plan before I even think about replacing the valve stem seals. I have my eye on this oil

This oil is 5w-40. I currently use it in my motorcycle. Im sure you guys have hear of it before. They also make a 15w-40 version which I think will be way too thick,

I am willing to try this oil on my car. Please let me know of any side affects that may occur as a result.

95k miles 01 330ci

I am losing as much as a quart every 500 miles. maybe less. No visible smoke out of the exhaust.
5w40 is fine
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