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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
op dont be insecure - it doesn't matter if she's with u
op? come on man you can call me solly haha

Originally Posted by makecopies View Post
What if she was still friends with one of the guys?
How would you guys feel about that? Even if it was years ago but they still hang out from time to time?
Not just the two of them but in a group I guess it's ok. My gf has been around a few of my female friends that I slept with and had no idea.

Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
u want a virgin?

seriously those are the ones that will want to bang other guys when they hit their 30s
Exactly. I can't tell you guys how many of my guy friends had girls that slept with 1-2 guys break their hearts. These girls get curious and eventually act on it. I'd rather know that my gf and I both experienced other people and know that we're a good match. Wow this is all making me feel so much better. I love you guys
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