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Originally Posted by M3peat View Post
I doubt it and I'm not aware of any track that allows open to the public events. Last thing I would want is to be on track with a bunch of people who think they can drive fast. PBOC Florida is a race/Drivers Ed club that anyone can sign up with, if you were thinking it was exclusive or something. I know most clubs weren't even allowed to have events at Daytona for a long time b/c of the speed I'm guessing.

I think Audi club may have had an event or two there also.

Why are you so stuck on Daytona? Sebring, if you haven't been there, is a high speed track and a lot of fun as well. PBOC, NASA, Chin and I'm sure others run there often. There's also Roebling Road near Savannah too, also high speed (at least one straight is).
because i live in jacksonville and daytona is the closest track and its gotta be cool going on the almost vertical turns lol...they really need to build a track here...there are so many people racing on the streets in jacksonville its unbelievable...

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