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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
op? come on man you can call me solly haha

Not just the two of them but in a group I guess it's ok. My gf has been around a few of my female friends that I slept with and had no idea.

Exactly. I can't tell you guys how many of my guy friends had girls that slept with 1-2 guys break their hearts. These girls get curious and eventually act on it. I'd rather know that my gf and I both experienced other people and know that we're a good match. Wow this is all making me feel so much better. I love you guys
lol sometimes i forget who i'm replying 2

anyways - cougars are in great numbers

best mod to date : OEM grocery bag holder

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
E46Fanatics - the Honda community of gun owners. Keep staying classy, I'm sure you all are going to be excellent examples of how to keep gun rights from being infringed. :facepalm:
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