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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I checked again and it looks like they aren't two piece like I initially thought. So let me know if you do end up switching the knobs, i'm not gonna be the first one to try as if it doesn't work it could be a mess.
BTW, the right knob on my unit does not turn off the radio. Checked this to, only the left does that on my unit.
I wish I could find out if the knob is in fact just glued to a steel post. My worry is, if it is just all one plastic piece, and I try to pull it off, all hell is going to break loose.

Regarding right knob: it is the strangest thing. It will turn unit on and when in radio mode and I turn it, It will move through the stations in .5 increments. also,, when I am in ipod mode and turn it, It will fast forward through the song. When I turn it in bluetooth mode, It does nothing. but pressing it in bt mode will answer phone, hang up phone and redial last number.
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