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Originally Posted by hyunman View Post
I'm planning on doing this over the weekend and had a question for those who have already done this.

Reading thru all of this, it seems that you would need to use a puller or a dremmel to get the inner race off if it does in fact get stuck behind. I don't have a dremmel nor do I have a puller. I do a lot of DIYs and I've never needed a dremmel, until now. And the puller they have at my autozone is too thick at the jaws to fit.

Worst case scenario, assuming the mallet/hammer/rotor tricks all don't work, I'm thinking of taking two long flathead screwdrivers at 12 and 6 or 3 and 9 o'clock and prying the crud out of the inner race. Just going by the pictures, it appears workable...but am I just being naive or do you think this would work...with some added time of course?
Hmm... no! I wouldn't advise that you try your "flathead screwdriver" method.

If the inner race is left behind on the spindle/kingpin when you remove your Hub Bearing...

No worries, you can try this method. (It worked perfectly for me.)

Good luck.
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