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Okay. I am a straight up guy and like to stand behind the work I recommend and be honest about my write ups so I followed up on some of the comments in my thread warning me about what was said and heard concerning the longevity of using plasti-dip and I did some anoraking online and found all the negative reviews of plasti-dip I could find.

1. Most of people using the dip that complained about longevity issues were using the aerosol spray on tool handles and notepads or using the dip as a sort of adhesive or waterproof sealant whereas the liquid dip in the big can would've been thicker and better.

2. Most of fanatics using the dip were using it on grills and bumper trim and found that the sun, and extreme weather literally disintegrated the dip coatings. Now I don't want to be captain obvious here but what were they thinking...would happen. Other fanatics were using it on cup holders or armrest console trim where the trim gets constant daily wear-tear abuse, like being rubbed on, coffee spilled on, feet kicking on, etc... again what were they thinking.

3. The other 2% of people that didn't recommend the dip admitted that they went into applying the dip expecting lifetime quality results and/or something of mythical Godly standards. and the dip didn't live up to "their" expectations for whatever they were trying to do.

Like I said for $6 a can and console trim that I hardly touch on a daily basis (so the dip coating in not under constant duress) and can be easily pulled out, cleaned off, re-sprayed and/or replaced if this project fails, my expectations for right now has been met and I will still be happy if it all goes to sh!t after 3 months.

That said, Neil is correct and I should have spent (and also should have addressed in my write up) that proper time needs to be spent to prep the surface. Removing the old and worn rubber trim completely would be best in preserving the lifetime of the plasti-dip coating or whatever spray coating you use to refinish your trim.

This addition to the DIY will add lots of time but also ensure that the end results are indeed end results and not a 1st draft in a endless string of drafts.

That said I have no regrets with how I did this in my car and I'm ready to accept failure or whatever follows in the months to come.

After all I wasn't expecting a new BMW in a $6 can of Plasti-Dip!

APRIL 7th, 2010 EDIT:

Originally Posted by ZZen330 View Post
Hmm..but the rough edges around the shifter plate indicators doesn't look good. .
Oh yeah I fixed the shifter plate. The same thing was bothering me too.

What had happened was I put too many coats on the thing. I peeled off all the original plasti-dip, sanded the plate better and re-coated it with only one coat and it looks fab now!


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