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Originally Posted by mass03m3 View Post
Good luck, Hope everything works out alright. Heard through the dynavin boards that the only issue on the v3 is the High hiss but we know how to fix that.
Yeah, and ill be curious to see how bad or not bad the hiss is, all radios have hiss, as we have discussed, it is the noise in "signal to noise ratio" If it isnt too bad you wont find it unless you are looking for it.

My dynavin is going into an all aftermarket system so I have amp gain adjustments to get everything where it should be, but, I might do a little experimenting with the factory amp just to confirm our earlier hypothesis about the output levels being to high.

Ill post anything interesting that I may find and, since im an installer and ive seen alot of systems, ill let you guys know how this thing stacks up.

....and i will post some well lit daytime pics to make delmarco happy.
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