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Originally Posted by Hartman View Post
I was going to do this, but then I read numerous threads saying that the plasti-dip just doesn't hold up well. If you think about it, it's a softer, more delicate rubber coating that the OEM coating, so it's more of a bandaid than anything.
even after four coats?

wow. I didn't read any of that about plasti-dip, but now I 'm interested to see how it will look after the honeymoon period ends.

Then again I don't have kids or teenagers in my car jumping around the place to mess up the trim like that. The PO had a ting dog and that is how the trim in my car got scratched in the first place so I'm not expecting it to happen whiles I am the owner.

Originally Posted by neil1138 View Post
Exactly what I've been told. If you want a better alternative, look in my thread cinnanomnomnom thread link in my signature. Trust me, the duplicolor vinyl and fabric works magically if you do proper prep

I see what you did there....
Honestly I wish I had this much time. I was only looking for a cheap, quick fix to one or two trim pieces not my entire freaking interior dude.
What you did is like a months worth of planning, shopping and DIY time. Hell even your Link is like 30 pages long of discussing what you did.
Good work that is.

The reason I chose plasti-dip is because it is not just paint. I don't want to "paint" my trim and have it look like the interior of a cheap Honda civic. I actually like the OEM matte rubbery finish to regular plastic finish.

I also didn't have all day to sand and prime and prep my trim. My day is filled with other things like work, family, etc...but if this doesn't hold up then I will try another similar-but-more-durable-method with more prep work before hand that DOES NOT REQUIRE JUST SPRAY PAINTING OVER THE TRIM. Or I will just spend $150 at the dealership and buy all new parts.

Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
Looks great - I'm concerned about the longevity here - u think it will start to flake apart?
It is my first time with Plasti-Dip. Flaking seems highly unlikely because it dries soft and not hard and feels and looks just like the OEM rubber coating on trim. If anything I can see how it will scratch and/or peel.

But 4-5 coats should at least give it some longevity. Again I wasn't into spray painting my trim and would've most likely just buy new pieces before doing that but this is what I budgeted for this DIY project time-wise and money-wise and for right now I'm pleased. If I wasn't I would not have wrote up on what I did or post pictures.

I got everything out of it that I expected so I cannot complain.

For $6 and a few hours of coating where can you wrong with this or what would you complain about?

It looks BETTER than it did before I coated the trim and even if it lasts about 3 months before looking bad. It can easily be removed and I would've only spent $6 and a couple of hours wasted.


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