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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post

I see what you did there....
Honestly I wish I had this much time. I was only looking for a cheap, quick fix to one or two trim pieces not my entire freaking interior dude.
What you did is like a months worth of planning, shopping and DIY time. Hell even your Link is like 30 pages long of discussing what you did.
Good work that is.

The reason I chose plasti-dip is because it is not just paint. I don't want to "paint" my trim and have it look like the interior of a cheap Honda civic. I actually like the OEM matte rubbery finish to regular plastic finish.

I also didn't have all day to sand and prime and prep my trim. My day is filled with other things like work, family, etc...but if this doesn't hold up then I will try another similar-but-more-durable-method with more prep work before hand that DOES NOT REQUIRE JUST SPRAY PAINTING OVER THE TRIM. Or I will just spend $150 at the dealership and buy all new parts.
delmarco, bub rub, if you think that the plasti-dip is superior and are making fun of using duplicolor then LOL. And also looks cheap? What are you implying there? I'm only criticizing because you neglected to do any proper prep and slapped up a half assed diy just for the lulz. If the results were good then that's all that matters but it honestly looks horrible since you didn't completely remove the weak, decomposing oem coating. Now it's a matter of how long your oem coating is going to last because you just covered it up. When it flakes, so will the plasti-dip sitting on top. I never used duplicolor for my center console and shiet like that, I used it for my rocker panel thingys and footrest. I bought all new oem black pieces, and my project was for an interior dyeing, not using duplicolor

Don't pull the "I don't have time" excuse, come up with something better
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