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Thought I'd share a few installation notes. In no way is this meant to be taken as a thread hijack. I give all due respect and credit to the OP.

I have read posts concerning the instrument cluster going "haywire" when turning on the HID fogs. I am using a relay harness to isolate the HID system, and have had no such problem or any other problems since the install.

No need to remove the front wheels. Remove the HL's, and all the room you need is there underneath. You can push the fender liner back enough to change out the foglight bulbs-

A good place for the ballasts-

I didn't like the relay harness from DDM at all. It required a total rework. So there were parts leftover. Since you only need one trigger to the relay, I used one of the H11 plugs to plug the stock harness on the driver's side. Makes an excellent water tight seal.

I used the "drug bin" for my relays and fuse block. It also houses items for audio & angel eyes.

A close-up-

A night & day pic. They are 5000K. They really don't qualify as fog lights at that color. I have 3000K's on order. I'll see how I like those.


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