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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
I've used 40W70 in vehicles and 25W70 for 5yrs in my Mazda turbo. Wouldn't use 10W60 in a non M E46 bit it won't do any harm.
Upon what do you base this opinion? Those oil's are definitely too heavy for any turbocharged application. Oil flow is the only thing that is cooling that turbocharger, so when you start up the vehicle until it heats up and starts flowing the turbocharger will be getting too hot and will GREATLY reduce its life, if not kill it very soon. The bearings can't handle that kind of heat!

All due respect, the fact that you were able to get 5 years out of a mazda motor doesn't necessarily mean that your suggestions are good ideas.
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OP: I am sure your English Writing teacher told you this every year, regardless of who s/he was: writing is important. Others will either respect you or ignore you or piss on you if you type like a moron. This isn't an instant message site; it's a forum. We aren't texting each other right now. We are typing messages. Type regular English and people are more likely to respond.
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