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Originally Posted by jeffb325 View Post
I think I should start a new thread and move my previous post to it for a start, ill add in the stuff about installing a LOC, then add the newly edited question/answers from the original TR_MS3 post. One source for current dynavin info, not a hundred pages of people arguing over who worked for who and radio bleed issues. Then I would just edit the original post if any unanswered questions come up.


Thanks for the fantastic write up, pictures and review! Your install looks nice and clean.

Disappointing to hear about the iphone and itouch not synching correctly. Of course I just got an iphone and the contacts synched perfectly with factory business CD head unit.

Iím installing mine in a convertible, do you think the glare will make it unusable.
Iím also ordering the 3m anti-glare film.

Thanks again,
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