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Originally Posted by damills View Post

P.S. I also have the non-HK, your car looks really clean, what year and miles, specs, just curious?

Thanks, I take care of it. Its a 2002 coupe, 80k miles, I bought it used from the original owner, a lawyer with 5 cars, who used the BMW as his "road trip" car. I replaced the steering wheel and the shift knob with the M/ZHP versions. Very nice stuff.

You didnt see the back seat though, I have a 2 year old daughter I clean it regularly but I still try not to look back there....

Originally Posted by BG in NJ View Post

Thanks for the fantastic write up, pictures and review! Your install looks nice and clean.

Disappointing to hear about the iphone and itouch not synching correctly. Of course I just got an iphone and the contacts synched perfectly with factory business CD head unit.

Iím installing mine in a convertible, do you think the glare will make it unusable.
Iím also ordering the 3m anti-glare film.

Thanks again,
I am also going to try the anti glare film, I will edit my post once its installed. I dont think a vert will be any worse (cant be really) as I am getting a direct reflection of the back window. I do wish the adress book worked right and it probably will with some phones, but with my iphone its a mess. It does keep recent calls though so your common numbers are pretty easy to access and this part works correctly.

As for the ipod, im still working on that one...

Originally Posted by GCoop View Post
Thanks for the info Jeff!

You dont have the BMW assist functionality by chance do you?

I have it on mine although I currently do not subscribe to the service. If I go the Dynavin route I would really like to have a seamless 'OEM like' installation for resale/future purposes. Do you have any experience or ideas with making the BMW assist functionality work with aftermarket solutions?
I do not have BMW Assist and I dont know how it functions, sorry. If it is integrated with the head unit in any way it will of course not work, but if it is inline between the HU and the amp, it just might work. If someone posts who knows how it works I will add the info to the post.

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