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my post is far from step by step instructions....there are ALOT of little tricks and techniques you will have to pick up yourself when you remove your interior. Plus, when you are putting in the new wiring there is a lot of cabling you need to "fish out". But once you figure it out you'll be a pro at installing and removing any cables in your car...

total cost was 3k+ from dealer (get parts off ebay ave=$2k)
labor took me 4-5 days (3-4 hours each day), but I didn't know how to remove anything so 80% of the time i was learning and figuring out ways to remove carpeting and other cables easily.

EDIT: I don't have the part numbers anymore, on the ETK, choose your car, then there look under navigation with or without HK. Make sure you get the parts for your car, because the wiring harness is MOST liekly different.

you will need
1. LCD screen (16x9, the part that moves up and down)
1a. knobs for the volume and select for the screen
1b. 4 screws to screw the screen into the housing
2. LCD housing (tape to be safe)
3. wiring harness (with or without HK)
4. navigation computer (DVD based, goes in the trunk)
5. radio tuner (swap your old radio for this new one and get a core discout)
6. GPS antenna
7. AC relocator piece, plastic piece $20
8. OPtional video module/cables

I don't think im forgettign anything, but that should be everything you need

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