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Originally Posted by SPQR ROMAN SPQR View Post
Can someone please answer these two questions... Im really close to buying this thing...

1. when navigation is on and the turn by turn voice directions is on does the music stop playing while navi talks or do both play together?

2. for bluetooth i know steering wheel controls work but if the phone u paired to the unit supports voice command, can you use voice commands to call someone?

Basically does dynavin bluetooth work just like the factory one??

Thanks in advance
1: nav interupts music, they do not play over one another, there is a current thread on dynavins site discussing this, dynavin says it is hardware limitled.

2: I do not see a way to voice dial with the steering wheel buttons on my iphone 3gs. My parrot bluetooth would voice dial if I pressed the "talk" button. Does not work with the dynavin. At this point I am just dialing with my phone.
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