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Originally Posted by laureynsr View Post
Hi Everyone,

First of all, Jeff, this thread is AWESOME! Secondly, I've been itching to trash my factory MKIV NAV for a while because it is so NON-Intuitive. I needed to add the POS Dicelink as an iPod adapter which has been nothing but a nightmare since I got it. Been through 2 already, they always fry my electrical system, latest problem is it now shorts my left turn signal. It also resets my playlist every time I connect my iPhone to it. No other iPod/iPhone devices I own do that and it really annoys me.

The other problem with the OEM NAV is the cost of adding Bluetooth support. So I have to use a Parrot minikit box, which works but does not sound too great. I know Dynavin was making a 5 meter cable to connect the unit to the rear audio bus for factory NAV systems too. Hopefully it works.

Can anyone tell me if the Dynavin E46 has:
  1. Decent iPhone support for controlling tracks, changing playlists and search?
  2. Does not reset current playlist when connecting or switching sources. (Biggie to me)
  3. Has good quality Bluetooth sound.
  4. Traffic updates for NAV
  5. Sound quality is on par with factory audio with HK speakers and amp.
I really appreciate your feedback on these.


1: tracks and playlist work
2: the iphone interface is a bit flaky..... most of the time it starts at the first song on my iphone, alphabetical, but not always, havent made sense of it yet.
3: bluetooth works fine.
4: no traffic, that requires some kind of real time connection to the internet or satellite and the dynavin has neither.
5: sound quality is not good if you just plug and up on these threads.....install a line output converter and you will be in good shape, dyavin is producing a fix however so I will tentatively say quality is better with caviats...
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