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Excellent write up ///M=power!!!

This is the type of write ups that really helped me in the beginning working on my own car.

I saw you could save a minute of time in step#9 where you were removing the wires off of the cabin filter. Instead of popping the clips to remove the wires, you can insert flat head screwdriver up and under the backside of each end and pop off the entire wire holding assembly. This will keep the casing intact with the wires. To reinstall just 2 clicks it pops back in.

Step#11, like URBANKYLEBOY said that could be a PITA. It appeared that both of your screw heads of the metal bands going onto the Tube Elbow were faced up!!! Either you or whoever replaced the Tube Elbow in the past left them facing up for future ease!!!!

Like FRANZ stated if you have to replace again, good idea to do the CCV cleaning and the DISA reseal since you are perfectly down in there with all the parts easily exposed with the Tube Elbow out.

Your write up will definitely help others!!!!
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