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Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
LOL Assail!

heres my UWS letter. its much nicer but still has some whams in there

To Whom it may concern,
On the 29th of October 2009 I parked my car on the grass patch at the UWS Parramatta campus after it had been opened up due to its other car parks being filled. Even though I am only a new student at the University, from my past experiences they have always opened up the grass next to the gravel car park as an overflow. Parking in the grass section is a normal thing to do for most students there, especially on days in which the campus gets busy.
What I do not understand is how it can be the slightest bit ethical for the university to open up the car park and let a large number of cars to park there then have them all fined for parking there when it was the university themselves who were they were the ones responsible for opening it up.
Another thing that confuses me is the fact that the university all of a sudden made the decision to not permit students from parking on the grass, yet didn't actually notify any of its students of it. I myself made sure i checked all viable means of contact from the university. I went back before writing you this letter (so as not to waste your time had I have been in the wrong) and looked at notices and my student email to actually see if I had somehow already been notified of this change to the rules, and I hadn't. There was absolutely no way of any student knowing about these rule changes.

If you could advise me on anything in which i could do for this, itwould be greatly appreciated. I just believe that I do not deserve something like this due to someone else's incompetence- in this caseUWS Parramatta's- especially at this time of the year before four important exams ineed to be studying for.

Kind Regards,
Sherwin ********
I think you are too nice telling them your life story and a waste of your time, considering they wont read it & you should be studying for your exams. And that last bit, you give them an out to say, sorry there is nothing you can do, the fine sticks don't park on our grass.
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