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Originally Posted by Goondaddy View Post
Oh man.. the mental image is just too funny. I picture a crappy silver echo driving off, hearing a horrible crunching sound and a parking officer getting out and shaking his head at his shattered hubcabs. Love your work mate!
red corolla

Originally Posted by Miss325 View Post
I have been in some parking situations like this, and had tickets issued. I sent them photographic evidence etc, but still had the ticket issued. Strange how I was the only one ticketed there (parked legally too)...
take it to court then.

Originally Posted by CortinaD View Post
I think you are too nice telling them your life story and a waste of your time, considering they wont read it & you should be studying for your exams. And that last bit, you give them an out to say, sorry there is nothing you can do, the fine sticks don't park on our grass.
yeah, get angry son.

heres part of what i wrote:
"It may be noteworthy to the officers character that I have photographs of his car, parked on the wrong side of a no standing sign, issuing fines to other vehicles; not mine in this case. I find it appalling that someone, who’s sole purpose is to enforce parking restrictions and in the process ensuring the safety of citizens, can blatantly break the rules he is hired to uphold. Clearly visible in the photos are his vehicle, his registration plates and the no standing sign. If he cannot follow the rules he is enforcing clearly he shouldn’t be working as a parking inspector, so please, if this matter goes to court, I would like his presence there to explain his actions. "
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