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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post
This thread is funny.

Xaviman calls the button rice but he has M3 fender grills on a 323 sedan
hummermaniac88 calls the button rice but he has tinted tails ( a mod that I will never understand)
Then the guy with everything M3 modded on his non M3 car shows up to defend the button,
but complains that the oem button is not worth the money.


Xaviman where is the smg plate I asked you for?
Button is like 160 bucks... you can buy ones on ebay for literally 1/100th that price that will work. Maybe expensive is the wrong word... overpriced?

And I will never understand the "m3 modded" nonsense. I tried to say hello on M3forums (at the request of a member from that forum), and I immediately was labeled an "M3 wannabe" and other sorts of similar responses. As I said there, I fail to see the "wannabe" or "m3 modded". With the exception of the front bumper and steering wheel (maybe i'm missing some minute detail), there is nothing else "m3" about the ride. I guess you could make the claim that the hood has the lines of the M3's but it's an aftermarket piece designed after the racing version of the car. To take it a step further, for signiffffficantly less money, I could have gone with a CSL front end, M3 sideskirts, and done an M3 rear bumper. The sides, splitter, and rear i went with cost maybe... 2, 3, 4 times as much as if i had gone the other route. And with that money, easily could have done M3 front and rear fenders and had a complete clone. There's no m3 logos (aside from the M on my steering wheel), no fender grilles, and those, if anything, ar ethe "wannabe" items.

Sorry to rant and go off topic but this came up in the other thread and just irked me

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