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Originally Posted by BMW4life46 View Post
So I'm 18 and this girl thats talking to me is 24, me and her work together. Tonight I get a text from her saying, "Hi can I ask you a question? Do you have a GF". Then I say no, and she changes the subject about work and
then out of no where she says she likes me, thinks that I'm funny and she wants to date, and I'm a little confused.

What I need to know is should I go a head and date her have any of you been in this situation? The age part is creeping me out, I asked her if she knew how old I was and she said yes, and she doesnt mind it... Chip in Fanatics I need your help. Also I'm Egyptian and shes Romanian, if that'll help any..
she will "forget" to take the pill, and will then proceed to take your money for 18 years.

she will also become a permanent resident in america if she already isnt so.
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