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never been in this situation. but i just screwed myself over.

im gonna try and make this as short as possible...

okay, ive been talking to "girl A" for awhile. dated for a couple years. we've been broken up since july of last year but still are close...or at least thought we were. we've been talking about dating again but i didnt want to rush back into things, due to some personal issues and family issues. the last few months ive really been wanting to be with her. My dad passed away and it really made me second/third guess everything between us. ive been quite depressed about it. nightmare/crazy day dreams. just not fully there. Girl A has been there for me from the beginning. we've had a rough relationship but i really cant see myself with anyone else.

within these last few months i met this girl (girl B) at a friends house. didnt think much of it since ive been talking to girl A a lot Girl B decides to get my number. we text, bullshit talk nothing serious. of course she says "we should hang out" and just as a reaction i say " sure, just let me know". we kicked it once at a party, not alone, and with two of my best friends. seems harmless? after that i never seen her again. we text each other randomly throughout the next couple months till now. never on a daily basis but enough to know she really likes me.

Girl A and I are still talking daily. and ive been trying to do things to show her i care. last week we had an amazing weekend. dinner in seattle, randomly decided to get a hotel downtown, room service, breakfast, the whole nine... Girl B starts getting rude cuz we arent hanging out...mind you ive seen her TWICE my whole life. I respond to her message on fb cuz she apologized for being rude in an earlier text. again we talk about hanging out, never really saw it happening but again my ability to not say no comes and i say sure.

today Girl B leaves a post on my fb saying cant wait for the weekend, we have to hang out. or some **** to that extent. Girl A sees that before i even do. decides to message Girl B and ask about us. here is where it gets all ****ed up...

girl B then begins to tell Girl A, that we've been talking since february.(and i dont mean like the verbal talking...the "talking" you do before you start dating someone) and how i was gonna take her on a date and all this stuff about us. Girl A basically tells me to **** off..girl be DID tell me to **** off. Girl A tells me to stay the F*ck out her life since i lied.

now i know i was totally in the wrong for even agreeing to hang out with her sometime. and totally in the wrong for not telling girl B about girl A. but i really didnt think i was leading her on to believe we were gonna be some kind of lovers. i never told her i liked her or none of that. so now that girl A heard a good portion of bullshit from her she believes her of course and hates me.

WTF do i do honestly?...theres pretty much no chance in hell that Girl A would ever believe me or even talk to me for that matter, but i really do love this one. how do you prove to someone to really care about that whatever she thinks is going on isnt really?...

tried to make it short lol


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