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Originally Posted by BMW4life46 View Post
1. What I need to know is should I go a head and date her
2. have any of you been in this situation?
3. The age part is creeping me out, I asked her if she knew how old I was and she said yes, and she doesnt mind it...
4. Chip in Fanatics I need your help. Also I'm Egyptian and shes Romanian, if that'll help any..
1. what do you think? it's a goddamn no brainer. instant yes.
2. yes, it was the best time of my life. she's older so she doesn't expect anything serious. you're young so you don't need anything serious. the sex you're gonna get is fvcking awesome!
3. the age part is creeping you out? ARE YOU A VIRGIN??? what the fawk is up with kids these days?!
4. i don't see the problem...!
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