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Originally Posted by CMT247 View Post
so what is girl A's opinion of you now... do you call and she doesn't pick up? You just need to confront her in person... tell her how much she means to you blah blah blah and that B is not at all a part of your life.

Oh and DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT; girls love snooping on that **** to see who is writing what on people's pages. Girl A also stepped over the line though by messaging B right off the bat... she should have asked you about it. A doing that is pretty creepy honestly, but I think it also shows how much she is into you... it was an emotional move on her part
She basically thinks im a piece of sh!t, two-timing a55hole. I've messaged her and told her what really is going on. It's fcukin insane girl B thought we were going to start something when I never even told her I liked her. I really want to delete my facebook, but I have a lot of family
on there. Since my dad past most of my relatives got facebooks to keep in touch with each other, but I might just delete it for a few months. The thing is she did ask me. I told her nothing was going on, she didn't believe me so she asked for herself. She definitely got the answer she was looking for even though it's wayyyy off.

Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
you got royaly fvcked. but girl A will still be there.
this. and i dont think she will. she told me to get used to her not being in my life anymore...


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