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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
dude, shouldn't you be concentrating on playing in the masters today? your tee time in in just a few hours. i thought you got all that **** straightened out in rehab.

when you start playing the field with multiple women you have to be prepared with the consequences. i don't know what you told girl a, but it sounds like she thought things were almost back to a relationship, especially with the hotel stay. girl b sounds like a bit of a control freak with the way she is acting like you are hers and have been dating. tell b to eff off and fess up and tell a the truth.
i didnt think i was playing the field. i guess i shoulda established what i wanted in the beginning with Girl B. i never mentioned being more than friends with her though. i havent talked to girl B yet. she sent me pretty mean messages. telling me to **** off. i dont think i owe anything to her, so im just gonna ignore it. like i said ive seen girl B twice! and not in a romantic setting. like how can you possible assume you are starting a relationship with someone you hardly know or seen for that matter!?!

Originally Posted by Sherweeeny View Post
i never said u werent going to work for her.
but with all that history etc, her insecurities wont get the better of her if u intervene.
the thing is i have lied about things in the past...but so has she. i know all of this is my fault for even talking to girl B in the first place. i just wish i knew what to do at this point...


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