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Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS View Post
What exactly do you want to accomplish at this point? Just to squash this mess or to actually re-establish relationships with them?

Is Girl A the same chick that was all up in your E46OT posts causing you to switch screen names? If so, then she is significantly smarter than you and you need to stop playing sloppy ass games if you really want to be with her. It's simple: some chicks can be managed and some others are actually on top of their sh1t. Not only is this one on top of her sht1t, she's on top of YOURS. You're gonna need to wise up. Girl B should never have been on your facebook list. Moves like that only lead to drama.

As to whether or not you still have a chance with Girl A... tough call. Be honest, you make it sound like you two were just hanging out but were you tapping it again or not? If so, then it is way more understandable why Girl A is so pissed. She made herself vulnerable to you again and you took a dump on her trust. Simply explaining your take on the situation isn't going to help. Repairing that situation will take serious work.

On the other hand, if you weren't tapping it... then she seems more like a dramacidal psycho stalker that you need to cut loose to benefit your own mental health. What you need to ask yourself is if keeping her around in this awkward relationship limbo zone is really helping or hurting you in the long term, mentally I mean. Sometimes manning up and cutting your loses is actually the best way to go.

Just something to think about... you seem to put a lot of value on the fact that she was there for you through that rough patch in your life. In your eyes that gives her a special place in your lfie. But then why is it she is so ready to walk away from that special place? How can that be? Does she really value your relationship the same way you do or is your judgement skewed because your sprung on this chick? You gotta be real with yourself and figure out if your chasing something that is not going to work.

Only you can make the call. But I think the first thing you need to do is chill for a minute and sort out the BIG picture.
dude your my new favorite member

yes she is very much on top of her and my ****. she is the chick from the other threads i posted. and you absolutely right about playing sloppy ass games cuz i WAS doing that in the past. of course me and her have sex...we dated for close to two years. i completely agree she should be upset with me. i highly doubt i have any chance with her at this point. she feels betrayed and lied to.

is it worth it? ive always thought it was. we've gone through a lot and i feel like i could never go through what we've been through and still love that person if it was any other girl. she feels like she cares more than i do...but im just not a very emotional guy. its really hard for me to express how i feel to her sometimes.

ive explained my side and thats about all i can do since shes already told me to leave her alone. so im gonna chill. delete my facebook tonight for sure...it definitely has caused me more harm then good.

thanks man. you're very smart and most of everything you said was spot on.

right now i wish i had a hot tub time machine...


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