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Originally Posted by JohnMate View Post
ok ill make this short, I have had this gf for a year, First off it was fantastic. about 10 months in and the starting of her in a new job as the top tier in some management firm. i noticed she became a complete *****. So long story short I have had enough! Now the catch 22 was she is a great mates sister. So if I was to dump her would lose a good mate. So i tried to ween her off me so to speak. Not in a mean way but just kind of made it clear it wasn't going anywhere. So yesterday she broke up with me. now its what i wanted to happen but now it has I feel kind of bummed. I know it was a dick move but has anyone else had this happen.
i did the exact same thing yesterday for my girl. i was going to dump her in june, but i guess i weened her off me too efficiently.

is it bad that im not even upset? sometimes i feel like my heart is cold and dead
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