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As far as I can see it, girl B is a dead duck - not even part of the equation here. You've met her twice in social settings with other friends so she's just an aquaintance and nothing more imho. Tell her to take a running jump.

Girl A? It's more difficult for me to pass comment as you two have history, but as an outsider looking in I'd say she's burnt, too. Most of us have been through the game of trying to win back scorned girls before and 99% of the time it doesn't work, it only makes things worse.

I get that things are difficult right now with losing your dad so recently (see my reply BTW in your OT thread about this), but you need stability right now. To me, that looks like trusted friends who can also see how all this drama is affecting you.

If I were you I'd talk to girl A and explain that current events mean you are behaving atypically. You can reinforce the fact that you're in a mess since dad passed. It will help calm her attitude towards you a little bit - she's got to be made of stone if she can't see this. If you're frank about your mixed up feelings right now, that may be a pleasant surprise to her too, especially as you say you're not a very emotional person. Tell her you'll be taking a couple of months out to re-focus and that if she's amenable you two could talk after this.

After a couple of months you'll know if it's still got legs or if she's just a crutch in your darkest hour.

Good luck man!
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