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Originally Posted by LEGALIZE-IT!!! View Post
We'll need some pics soon.... (or im going to call EvoSport like you suggested)

Seriously though, do you REALLY think 650+ WHP is something youre going to be doing? i would FOR SURE sell that monster and go with an HTA 30R. They spool so very quickly (and make close to 35R power). i had one on a 1.8 liter motor and it was great!!

I'd have to agree with this...the 35r will be nowhere near its full efficiency range even when running 12-14psi as those turbos live for 24-30.

I had one on my Eclipse (2.0l) and made 450whp on low boost (22psi) and it was well over 500 on high boost, but if your not looking for those numbers grab a smaller turbo so it can spool faster. Either way sweet build and I look forward to seeing some pics.
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