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Originally Posted by zhp pilot View Post
Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a push button start but only as a convenience feature. I would put it in the same category as autodim/auto tilt mirrors, driver memory features, integrated bluetooth, etc. I just don't think it should be installed based on the "cool factor" and shouldn't be compared to aftermarket bumpers, wheels, etc. Exterior mods are seen by many more people and they can completely change the appearance of the car. A small button that reads "Engine Start" will not do this. Personally, push button start is only "cool" if it removes a step in the process.

However, I totally agree with you that it looks much better than the cig lighter that would be there in your car. It compliments the V1 quite nicely.
Delmarco: this is was i meant by riceness ^^^. i have to admit that i have always wanted a push start button, but this one only adds an extra step to start the car, i know this is freaking cool, maybe the idea you provided can work, but as it just adds an extra steep....it is just another sthetical mod we do to our cars.. just to enjoy it more ourselves and to impress chicks (lol). that said, maybe some borred day i will do it, but just for the joy, it isnt an improvement. And once again, you know the story of the fender grilles, i gotta live with them...affter all is my car and i love it like that, thats what matter rigth?. btw, i consider you the king of the diy's, try to do the button "fully" functional.

Chase: your car is one of the greatest out there, it looks way than a lot of m3's here.

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