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Originally Posted by dmax View Post

I always go through more work than necessary...but lots of that is cleaning! LOL

Anyway, I wanted to hear the 2-3" I guess, more than anything. So, if you don't mind my asking, and no prejudice one way or the other, but are you a mechanic or an avid diyer like me? And, if the latter, do you recall the diy you depended on most...or Bentley. I'm going to read everything over before I mount the mounts, but would appreciate a recommendation to something that evidently worked well for you!

Loosen one side and remove the other...or only loosen one while other is still snug?

Sorry to bother you...but crib notes are nice too!

You've helped me before, I know...I hoped I've returned the favor in some way previously...if not, I'll make a point of doing my best by you in the future!
Hi Doug, No bother at all, I always like your common sense approach to others for their issues. Just to trying to help another DIY'er. I have been an auto shop owner for the last 26 years. & have been in the auto repair field for about 48 yrs. The engine cross bar motor mount method is easier IF you have the right equipment. Other than that, the average diy'er can do this job without the engine cross bar mount. Just do like I said. Jack up the engine with a 2x4 or other comparable wood block, & the replacement should go fairly easy. My AllData repair manual says to drop the engine cradle, but that is if you have the proper engine brace & the cradle brace to line up & reinstall the engine cradle to it's proper position. For the diy'er, it's easier to just jack up the engine. Hope this helps, Chas
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