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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post

To those of you claiming that it is r1ce because it isn't functional, have we looked around at the number of people running angel eyes, aftermarket exhausts which give 0 hp, cf interiors, or endless numbers of other mods that people do solely for something unique, different, or cool?
all those things are cosmetic mods (except for the exhaust, 0 hp, but you save a lot of weight. oem exhaust is heavy). you just install it once and forget about it.

it's not that it isn't functional. it's redundant. if you turn it to position 2, just go a little more and there you go. why do you have to take your hand off to push a button?

it's like say, you have automatic door closing, but in order to use it, you have to first reach out and pull it in 75% of the way, and it will close on it's own the rest of the way. what's the point, you already did all of the work basically lol
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