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Thanks for the write-up delmarco.

That was a massive amount of info you posted. I've done a few DIY's (not car-related) and I know how much work goes into pictures and write-ups. Props for the instructions.

That said, I spaced out completely when it got to the data link screenshots. The sirius-specific and firewall wiring, pull through, glovebox, etc. was a tremendous amount of overkill for me.

I really wish that the DIY was posted in a more linear manner for readability's sake.
Something like:
  • Here are the precautions. Disconn your HU and batt. If you don't, you will fry your shiz. (this kind of needs to be first, in red, and not 3/4 of the way through a 50 step install, IMHO)
  • Here is the main install. Take data link cable from here, plug this, this and this into your USASPEC. Plug in your ipod here. Test. If it works, and you don't mind your ipod in the trunk, you are done.
  • Here is what you want to do if you have Sirius also.
  • Here is how to locate your front wiring / ipod.

I'm not trying to slight your DIY because, again, I know how much effort goes into these. There is a ton of excellent info there , just for me it was a very difficult read. Halfway through I was wondering what Sirius had to do with it (which you explained later). Does anyone have a link to just the plain jane installation instructions?
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