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blitzsafe aux adapter trunk wiring diy (with photos)

Well, finally I figured, after 2 years of using this forum to learn everything I needed to know about my car, it is my turn to give a little contribution to the community.
Even though this is very simple diy and I believe most of you guys don't really need to be told how to route piece of cable from the trunk to your center console, here it is, take it or leave it:

First off, let me skip disclaimer, you know the drill, I'm not responsible... yada, yada.

I decided to go with BLITZSAFE Aux adapter instead of DICE for three reasons. First, it was half price of the DICE, second I don't really use Ipod but rather listen to my music on my phone and third, I don't care or need song names displayed on the radio.
My radio is pre 09/03 so I had to go for the trunk install.

Here is the tools you need: flat head and phillips screwdriver, small torx screwdriver (dunno what size it doesn't say on it), small wire cutters, soldering iron and solder, some electrical tape (or heat shrink tubing if you prefer) and a piece of metal wire for fishing the aux cable.

Also you need: Blitzsafe Aux adapter ($75), 12ft audio Y cable ($10), RCA stereo cable ($5-10 if you want retractable) and 3.5mm stereo phone jack ($5 for 2 of them @ radio shack)

Here we go:

Once you pop your trunk you might want to start by removing tail light assembly.
DSC_2696 DSC_2697
I didn't and I started pulling the carpeting out which resulted in broken clip on my tail light assembly.

Using flat head screwdriver, remove two rivets holding the carpeting and pull the carpeting out.

Be careful not to break plastic clip in the corner. I couldn't figure out how to remove it but it wasn't necessary anyways.

Locate cd changer harness and plug it in your blitzsafe adapter to make sure it works properly. Plug in your mp3 player and press mode or CD button on your head unit until it shows CD 1-99. You should be able to play music through your speakers at this point.

Now it's time to do a little wire cutting and soldering. first I used ohm meter as continuity tester to find out where to solder wires on my phone jack. You need to use common sense to figure this out as I can't explain it in simple words. Feel free to add detailed explanation to this diy if you want to.

Then I cut the cable

and determined where each wire has to be soldered on the phone jack.

solder it all together and wrap it with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

Now remove the back seat by pulling it out. Sides can be slightly bent for easier removal.

Remove the corner of the back seat by pulling out at the bottom first. It is clipped in place and feels like it's gonna break if you pull to hard.

You don't want to route your cable through this hole because the seat clips in there! Notice where other wires go and use that route instead.

Plug Cd changer harness and y cable into your blitzsafe adapter, bundle it together with some zip ties and you can also zip tie adapter itself on the chassis. Route the cable to the cabin.

Now it's time to start taking apart center console. Let's start with the rear ashtray. Simply pull it out, disconnect the harness and remove two phillips screws. My center console was FILTHY as you can see, so I cleaned everything up upon assembly.

Remove the shifter boot by pressing from both sides and lifting it up. Unscrew two phillips screws and remove the trim. Under the trim you will find another two screws. remove them as well

Remove the e-brake boot in the same fashion as shifter boot and remove plastic trim that holds rear ashtray in place. This trim has sharp edges so be careful not to scratch your armrest or your seats.

Removing center console will require some fiddling and playing with armrest so take your time on this one.

Remove sunglass tray by applying pressure upwards and pulling it out.

Remove two phillips screws and pull entire assembly out. disconnect the harness and cigarette lighter.

Now that we had done all this hard work, it's time to take a little break. So why not go fishing? Cable fishing that is.
I fount it to be easiest if you stick a piece of aluminum wire under the carpet, starting near e-brake and pulling it out on the other side, then hooking up your soldered cable and carefully pulling the aluminum wire back.

Now simply route the cable to the front. 12ft was perfect length for this job.

I was so excited at this point that I forgot to take pictures of a few steps in a process. However, it's very straight forward and you shouldn't have any problems figuring this out.
Remove button assembly by unscrewing two torx screws and remove front and rear panel using a flat head screwdriver.

Cut the hole on the back panel and stick phone jack through it. I made this ugly cut because I was using dremmel and wire cutters, but it doesn't bother me as it will be hidden behind the dash anyway.
Now the part that is not pictured, carefully position and drill the hole in the front panel for the phone jack. Stick the threaded part of the jack through and secure it with provided nut.

At this point it's probably a good idea to test if everything works properly.

Reassemble everything in reverse order and you're all done!

here is a few photos of finished install:
I'm very happy with my new setup. Sound quality is great and I don't have any cables hanging around.

Let me know what you think
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