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VERY Rough cold idle

Over the weekend I replaced the oil filter housing gasket, vanos tube,both belts, fan clutch, spark plugs and valve cover gasket - whew! Fired right up - no leaks, however after starting the car started to idle very badly - RPM's up and down - almost stalling. Under road conditions the car runs fine, at a stop sign the engine idle is rough. After the car warms up the idle smooths. I pulled the plugs - no signs of fouling, with the engine running (and warmed up - and ) I dissconnected each of the "coil connectors" to the plugs one at a time to see if one of them wasn't firing. Effect was same on each plug - I minor decrease in idle speed - my conlclusion - ignitition system is okay. I suspect I dissconnected "something" related to cold start and forgot to reconnect it - ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?
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