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you know, the rear tires will have a very different wear pattern than the fronts due to the camber at the rear (even if you have had some dialed out).
Putting the rears to the front may be the problem until a couple thousand have been put on. Air pressures ok?
The wheels/tires were set-up on a Hunter Road-Force system? They need to be fairly perfect, first, you know... With a HRF the tire internals as well as balance/out-of-round or coned tires or bad rims can be diagnosed as well as impossible-to-balance problem tires discovered.

Tie rod ends would allow wheels to move slightly independantly of each other and steer it some... links are mainly in use when cornering to transmit force to the sway bar; not hard to grab ahold and try to move them... BUT, Leaking? Leaking what? OEM bushings, yes. Links no leak.
Have you thought about the steering guibo? Could be a problem... though probly not the main one. Good the front bushings were done... were the arm ball-joints replaced as well?

Did you "work" the pistons some when the brakes were done to ensure good movement/good return?

As far as dropped and link length... idk. I have a PSS system with oem links.
I'd buy it in a heartbeat... if only I wasn't living on the moon!
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