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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
This is the list of everything that is currently packed in my hurricane/B-O-B trunk (oddly enough, labeled "Trunk Contents" on the spreadsheet). The other items are for packing purposes should we need to leave town immediately. And yes, tampons are on the list.
I think this is a great list. It provides a very comprehensive listing of emergency gear but would you mind some (hopefully constructive) criticism?

It seems like you are overpacked in some areas with luxurious and/or redundant items. If you have the capacity to carry all this stuff then by all means it's great to have but, if weight and space are a concern I would suggest the following changes:

RD = redundant, you have an equivalent item elsewhere (ponchos/raincoats, 2 types of gloves, machete/hatchet)
LUX = luxury item/non-critical
GRN = additional suggestions

Also, a question: How much cash do you guys think is enough? If power goes down you could be without access to an ATM for an extended time period. $200 seems very low to me.


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