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Originally Posted by GunMoto View Post
VB3 | 18x9.5 | 255/35-18

WOW! These are sexy as hell!! What ET are these wheels?
Are they 9.5 both front and rear?

It will be great if op or someone can give more details
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EDIT: Okay ....reading through some more posts here in this mammoth thread, i realized that these are 9.5 all around with 10mm spacers to lower the offset to 35 - the fenders are rolled:

If i ran these 9.5s without the spacers - on a non lowered facelifted coupe, would fender rolling still be required? I dont really want to lower due to bad road conditions and will resort to fender rolling only if absolutely necessary.

VMR: a price quote on these rims would be good - sent you a pm.

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