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Preface - I'm 34 y/o so take it for what you will

I have been married twice and my last marriage I was infatuated at first with my now ex wife. I am currently seeing another woman and it's weird I don't have that infatuation I once did but I have realized something as I have gotten older. I think building a relationship slowly without the BOOM, BANG, POW! is not necessarily a bad thing. My relationship with this new girl is way more stable and evenly balanced because of the slow growth.

This thread just made me think back to a few months ago as I was thinking "why am I not head over heels in this relationship?" After much reading and evaluation I've decided that it's better not to be and to start gradually growing those feelings

/Dr. Phil session

im 44, ive found as life goes on and that pile of sour grapes becomes bigger you tend to not put as much into it or get in too deep, its just human nature.................the rotten women really do ruin it for the good ones in an odd way

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"Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce now because wasp9166 had to piitb with Mom."
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