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Originally Posted by generic 330i View Post
Pat, since you have a lot of experience with coilovers, what do you think of the FK Sport Edition Plus Coilovers with external adjustments? I was thinking of going with Eibach prokits with FSD but these coilovers are on sale and cheaper than the springs. I've read these aren't too harsh and on the softest settings it is similar to the factory sport package. I am really eyeing these because of the sale, any thoughts?
Shoot... sorry I missed this. How much are they going for? I'm not familiar with this particular brand do you have a link to them?

External adjustments are good. My new coils have them and I have them set to the stiffest (but will fine tune on the weekend). Install is a breeze too. I just installed my old coils on a friend's can this weekend.
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