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Originally Posted by 33beto View Post
Never tell a woman how you feel romanticaly about her. if she's smart she'll pic up the vive. always make ur mark (not words) that you care for her, but dont need her at the same time. Woman fall for what they cant have or tame. The minute you become to available, guess what?........... NEXT GUY!

Make sure you always have other options and let her see that indirectly. NEVER NEVER NEVER develope oneitis with any girl no matter how hot she is. (google oneitis)

Dont forget by the time she's 20 yrs old, a cute/hot babe's been aproached or hit on more than 1000 times. how many aproaches you think any guy that age have made so far? not even a fraction of that. So women will always be ahead of the game since early age, (Specially hot ones)

Just my 02/cts

i learned that the hard way and in the past year or 2 this^ is my bible of woman

too bad its late for me cause i got that oneitis for this girl for the past 3 years

though it kinda faded away but yesterday i though ill check her face book and saw alot of pics of her traveling

went to sleep and had a bad dream on her, and BANG everything is all back

i feel bad now again

3 fkn years...still feels like the day i saw her. (was love in first sight)

1 thing positive happened from all that story is that it changed me alot!

i feel so much better with who i am now, im completely different person now
inside out

wish i'v met her after that change but then again shes the one who made me change


going to the strip club to get me some alc

dont fall dude
<- wifey :eek:

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Why arent U answering the questions Mr.Quattro??
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Reno looks like Special Forces Jesus!
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