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keep thinking like that and you wont, the only thing thats stopping you from getting a date is you, and the fact that youve accepted defeat by saying "youre not supposed to be with someone", youre currently your greatest enemy/adversary

how are you not getting dates? are you actively going out and approaching girls? if so where? or do you wait for girls to approach you in public? give me as many details as you can and i'll do my best to help

i donno man lots of girls hit on me but its never the ones i like, i guess im too picky but what can i do, i wanna be with someone i like

the problem is i never met anyone that i think is better then her

3.5 years now

that fkn btch, cant stop loving her and i dont know why, she doesnt even give a damn about me

<- wifey :eek:

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Why arent U answering the questions Mr.Quattro??
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Reno looks like Special Forces Jesus!
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