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In the middle of H&R and Bilstein Sport Install, have a few quick questions.

Hey guys,

So I am in the middle of my suspension overhaul (well I am stopped for the night but...) anyways. I am using Bilstein Sport Shocks, and H&R sport springs (p/n 2984) So far I have taken out my old struts removed the springs and perchs, reinstalled them on my bilsteins and reinstalled on my car. Here is where my concerns come in.

1) I cannot install my old bumpstops and the bilsteins did not come with new ones, and I have heard that they have internal bump stops. correct?

2) When reinstalling my spring perches and new springs I aligned the bottom perches correctly, and then sat the H&Rs in the same spot on the perchs as the oem sports were (they made the rubber darker so I know theyre in the same spot). With the upper spring perch I just made it so the little rubber stop thingy and the metal thingy are sitting on the end of the coil (same as oem) I did this correctly (right?)

3)Here is my big big big concern. When reinstalling into the pinch sleeve I cannot get the strut to go all the way through ( I know that these are shorter than oem sachs) but there is still a little shoulder looking thing about a half inch about the top of the pich collar that looks like it should meet the top but after an hour of messing around with it cannot get it to go anyfarther up. I have searched and found that mine seem to be installed correctly. I have attached photos at the bottom of this post so that you cant see what I am talking about (not my photos, but exact same as what I have right now.)

4) Last one guys! When I try to torque the center nut on the strut (you know the one that olds the upper spring perch down) I spins the spring around on the perch and makes a big p.i.t.a! I have heard that I can torque to my specs (47 ft-lbs) upon lowering the car back to the ground with the tires on. Is this correct because I absolutely cannot do it right now, so I have sufficed with using my air gun to tighten them down as much as it will without spinning the perch over the spring. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. when I am done I will try to make an in depth d.i.y. as I have not found any that are in depth and while this is a straightfoward job it def. has some aspects to it that are a pain (see above!)

P.S.S. This is for my 330i btw not the M3 just in case it makes a difference!
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