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well i'd like a hidden hitch if possible, i'm going to a store this week to see what they can do. so if the hitch would face downward, then i could get a rack with a J or U shape that will connect to my downward facing hitch. this way when i'm not using the rack, no hitch shows.

kinda looks funny my new tl lowered on 20's with a hitch

the other questions i have.

1. i'm a big guy, the stock seat will lodge in my crack and never come back, what kind of seat would you suggest for someone like me 6'3 250 lbs, i want comfort while i'm not offroading.

2. the basic pedals that come with it can be upgraded from the store for 100$ or 50$ for some cheap clip on pedals, good idea to do from the get go correct? do they really help with pedaling? since you're pulling up wards instead of just pushing pedal
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