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Why am I stressing over the wrong girl?

Ive been seeing this girl for about 2 months give or take a couple weeks. Everything was great since the start. We got in a fight two weeks ago and its been weird ever since. Ive been busy with finals so we haven't seen each other, we've just chatted on Facebook here or there......I called her today.....I kind of wanted to get things back the way they were.........but i don't think thats possible.....were pretty much done.

Ive always invisioned my ideal gf, and this girl is noting like that. This girl is fun, cute, and easy going....I have a great time whenever we go out but.....she ain't doing anything with her life, she always talks about going to law school or being an actor but she hasn't done sh!t since graduating high school. She makes these dirty jokes which are funny when its just me and her...but embarrassing in front of my friends. She cant have kids, and i have a feeling when she gets older shell be fat like her mom and sister.

I liked her A LOT and we had so much fun.....but while dating her, i didn't really think the relationship would go anywhere. Now thats its over....I feel sad. Why am I stressing over the wrong girl?
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