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Originally Posted by ara View Post
where does this bike stack up against what i posted? it looks sturdy, but i don't know crap all about bikes, so is this a "really" good bike, cuz it sure as hell looks like it, i'm kinda scared to find out how much. K found this bike on their site at 995$ but i can't find which stores carry them, i like how it looks. can't wait for a report also

And the other question, if i got a bike with rear suspension also, what is the disadvantage?
Having a shock in the rear helps to smoothen out the ride on rough terrain. Less bumpiness on a ride means the rider maintains great control of the bike since it is more stable (especially on downhills) and less fatigue on the body overall.

The main drawbacks to Full suspension bikes used to (1)Weight- suspension mechanism adds lbs (2)Pedal Bob -Springy action robs you of pedaling energy (3)Price.

The first two have been since been overcome for the most part with some pretty sophisticated technological advancements.....unfortunately, the prices have also gone up significantly as well....

So yes, you can overcome the percieved drawbacks of FS, but at a steep price.....I personally wouldn't get an FS unless I was looking to spend at least $2500+ (unless it was used)

The Windsor looks like a good starter bike as well, the big difference is that the Devinci/Trek you're looking at will have better components (not really a huge deal since you may or may not notice the difference as a new rider)

Tons of really good bikes out there, don't get caught up in trying to compare them ALL, since you will be here till next year still searching.

If you're gonna spend 1k, I'd say go for the Trek/Devinci....if you can find the same Windsor for $400, then save $600 and go with that.

If you have some good shops around you, I would try to buy from them first before going online...
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